New Jersey and Maryland Public Schools Offer Various Courses

A school is an educational establishment designed to offer learning zones and learning environments particularly for the education of children under the guidance of qualified teachers. Most developed countries have systems of public elementary education, which in some cases may be compulsory. In such systems, children progress from a primary school, to secondary school, or junior secondary school. At secondary school, they continue their education through tertiary schools, or colleges, where they complete their secondary schooling and gain further qualifications. For some states, like New Jersey and Maryland, the procedure is the same in case of students continuing their education at college.

The process of tertiary schooling varies from state to state, and the curriculum adopted in New Jersey and Maryland may be quite different from that of other states. However, both the system of primary and secondary education are characterized by common subjects, common courses, and similar teaching methods. The main difference between the two systems lies in the fact that primary education often includes a medical element, while that of secondary education usually does not.

As compared to primary schools, the teaching methods employed in secondary schools are characterized by a greater element of personal responsibility, as well as socialization, in the curriculum. The teaching methods in public primary schools are primarily time-tied, with a set number of hours for every lesson. Academic work is taught in a particular order, with the emphasis on individual skills, development of critical thinking, and acquisition of knowledge by students. One of the most prominent features of the curriculum taught in New Jersey and Maryland primary schools is the emphasis on using multiple methods to impart knowledge to the students. This approach makes sure that the children learn from both textbook and practice, and helps them develop their independent thinking and rational thought skills, besides enhancing their vocabulary and language skills. In this regard, the subjects taught in New Jersey and Maryland primary schools include math, science, reading, writing, and history.