Marketing Management – An Overview

Marketing is the art of consciously creating awareness, motivation, or satisfaction for sales of specific products or services; potentially including range of possible target markets; decision on selection of certain characteristics or themes in an advertising or marketing communication; and the creation of a perceived need, which induces a person to take an action that furthers the objects/wants of an advertisers/marketers. The ultimate aim of marketing is to increase sales by any known or unknown means. Marketing is a systematic process of gathering information about the market, analyzing this information, designing an appropriate strategy, implementing that strategy and monitoring the results of this strategy over a period of time to determine its effectiveness. Marketing thus is an effective technique that can be used for promoting new products/services, raising awareness, selling/marketing other things such as digital media products and e-books, organizing events and conferences, preparing/giving publicity to something, and for creating brand awareness.

Marketing management is a branch of advertising theory that studies the marketing practices of organizations and their effect on the society at large. Marketing concepts such as social marketing, relational marketing and contextual marketing are part of the wider umbrella of marketing management. These marketing concepts seek to understand marketing practices on a societal level and the resultant effect this has on organizations and individuals. Marketing theories also include aspects such as brand equity, consumer psychology, and financial theory and application. The aim of marketing management is to create and develop products and services that can effectively meet the needs and buying habits of consumers.

The marketing concept of selling involves creating a catalog that advertises the goods for sale, explaining the features of the product, and explaining why the buyer should buy it from you. A marketing research firm helps the manufacturer, reseller, and distributor determine the most cost effective selling practices and the most attractive marketing concept to use. The marketing research company may even help in choosing the most saleable type of product, and help them advertise their products effectively to reach the greatest number of consumers. The marketing research concept helps in creating advertising programs that are most appealing to potential consumers, and increase the sales of the products by the most amount.