What Type of Designer Are You? (Learn How and When to Become One!)

A designer is someone who designs something, usually by planning the shape or structure before it’s ever made. A designer may be an architect, an interior designer, or even a painter. Most commonly they are found in large corporations and politics, but now designers can find work just about anywhere. In the 21st Century there are plenty of designers out there, although many people think of computer graphic designers when they hear the term “designer”. Computer graphic design is simply what it sounds like; someone who designs computer software, logos, and other things through graphic programs.

Interaction designers create visual designs which include everything from interface designs (the way things link to one another) to games, for entertainment purposes. Interaction designers can also be found in educational environments. Some educationally inclined designers may even go on to design computer software for non-profit organizations. Designers may also be found in business settings, creating branding and marketing materials such as brochures, business cards, flyers, websites, etc. Many business world leaders have produced their own designer genius, as many of today’s business leaders started out as interaction designers.

These are just two examples of the types of designer you will meet and learning more about each may help you determine which type of designer best fits your needs. Finding out how to become a designer may be easier than you think, and don’t forget that a degree in this field can lead to interesting jobs all over the map. However, if you want to learn how to become a designer, start off by learning just the basics. Designing is much easier to understand once you have some basic background. Learning the basic skills will give you more options in terms of where you wish to go, and the skills you learn will teach you more about yourself as well.