Understanding the Term Sport

“Sport” has always been a word that conjures up images of the great sporting glories of past centuries and it was in 18isl. that the words first began to be used, although it’s a term that covers a great deal more than just the world’s most famous sports. “Sport” is now used to describe any type of physical activity, however energetic or competitive, that through organised or casual engagement, seek to achieve or demonstrate some form of personal or communal achievement, form personal relationships or get results at all levels of competition. Organisations such as Sport England also look to see how a particular sport meets this strict definition when deciding if it should be regarded as a sport or not.

Sport, in the eyes of many people today, includes a lot more than just participation in organised sports. It’s a word that is often used to describe any activity that makes you feel good and can be enjoyed by all, even if that activity is not necessarily physical. Non-traditional activities such as music, dancing, exercise, gymnastics, sailing, wakeboarding and climbing are often regarded as sports. Some of these activities are subject to government regulation and some are not, so the term sport is often used to describe things that are governed by government criteria. The UK government defines sport in its wider sense as “the process of maintaining and enhancing the skills, quality and knowledge of individuals through sport”.

Sport also covers areas such as recreation, education, entertainment, health, business and government. In many ways, the way sport is seen has changed over time. There used to be a time when it was not uncommon for a game to go months without being played, with only the occasional event or competition deemed as worth the investment by the public. Sport now is largely governed by consistent adjudication and there is increased regulation of sporting events to ensure fair competition. This has been accompanied by the growth of professional sport, professional sportswear and high-performance sports equipment. The increase in media attention and the increasing popularity of sport across the world have added to the growth of the term sport and have ensured fair competition for both players and fans.