Popular Sports and Leisure Activities in the United States

Sport refers to any structured activity undertaken with the intention of being entertained, such as a game, a competition, or a sporting event. Such activities may be physical, emotional or both, but they all share a common purpose: that the participants should enjoy themselves. A sport can be based on any physical activity that involves the use of one or more of the senses, or can be designed to test the participants’ mental alertness, sense of balance, or speed, or any combination of these. A sport can be undertaken by individuals, teams or even the community. There are several types of sport, each requiring different approaches to the design of the game and the management of the participants.

Professional sport refers to professional competitions, usually organised by sport organisations such as the World Professional Billiards and Squash Games Organisation (WPSO). A competitive game requires the active participation of the players, where each player attempts to win a point and become the winner. A tournament or match is typically divided into definite segments or rounds, with the winners of each segment qualifying for the championship. Professional sport additionally involves financial and legal obligations to players, sponsors, and equipment. Professional sport also requires high levels of physical activity and a high degree of skill, and the skills required often translate well to other types of physical activity and to the worlds of sport and medicine. Professional sport is usually regulated by governing bodies such as the WPSO.

National Association Football (NFL) and National Hockey League (NHL) are two of the most popular sports in the United States. The NFL is a professional American football league and the National Hockey League is an international ice hockey league. Both are professional sports organizations with separate financial and business structures from the other. Professional sport refers to any physical activity that requires the active participation of the players and that is organized by professional sport clubs. Popular sports are often associated with professional sport teams and/or athletes. The term popular refers to a level of general interest in the sport or event.