Marketing Concepts

Marketing is the art of consciously creating awareness of available sales of and demand for particular products and services; prospecting potential selection of a potential target audience; choice of certain characteristics or themes with respect to marketing strategy. The art of marketing is a form of communication between people and organizations, especially in advertising or promotion of products. It has become an essential component of modern-day business life, particularly in the contemporary consumer market. It is generally acknowledged as the first and foremost element in any business activity. The essence of marketing lies in the creation of awareness, which may be done directly, through advertising, promotion, public relations, or salesmanship; or indirectly, by influencing the buying behavior of the target group of people, especially those who are pre-qualified buyers.

There are several marketing concepts that are important for effective selling. These include marketing theories, marketing strategies, selling methods, and marketing principles. Marketing theories are general ideas and concepts about the science of selling, its importance to organizational structure, and the definition of marketing concept, including social and individualistic marketing concepts. Marketing strategies refer to the ability of organizations to sell their products or services to customers on the basis of marketing theories, including scientific and technological concepts, competitive assessment, and other types of quantitative and qualitative techniques.

Salesmanship is an aspect of marketing strategies that deals with developing an emotional connection with consumers, thus allowing marketers to affect their decision-making process. The concepts of marketing management and marketing concepts are important aspects of salesmanship. Marketing principles refer to the rules governing the marketing activities of marketers. Salesmanship and marketing concepts have reciprocal effects on the consumers and marketers.