Designer Jobs Include Everything From Wallpaper Patterns to Architectural Plans

A designer is someone who designs the shape or style of something in advance, usually preparing sketches or plans before it’s even made. In fact, anyone who makes tangible or intangible items, services, processes, principles, games, images, services, or concepts can be called a designer. The creative element of a designer comes from a highly skilled eye for aesthetics and from an ability to envision something that looks great from several different perspectives. Some designers are very good at visual perception and interpreting data, while others have an artistic eye and use their senses to lead them through the creation of a concept.

Interior designers on the other hand, focus more on the practical aspects of design work, rather than the aesthetics of a work. They are responsible for choosing furniture, lighting, and accessories to create spaces that are appealing to homeowners. They may also choose the style of wallpaper or paint and the colors that will appear in a room. They may decide whether to include mirrors, or to use abstract or symbolic elements. Many interior designers have training in areas such as art, architecture, and carpentry.

Designer jobs range from those whose job is strictly functional to those whose designs are more conceptual. New designers will often begin their careers working as assistants to interior designers who are experienced with the process of design. Designers who complete an apprenticeship will learn the practical aspects of the profession and will likely start out performing simple and basic design work under a more experienced designer. Once a designer has completed a degree or has acquired certain skills, they may take on larger roles such as project management, which involves managing the completion of all elements of a project from conception to completion. Designers also may decide to open their own firm or work as an architect, draftsman, interior designer, and/or carpenter.