72 Marketing Deflections


72 Marketing Deflections

Marketing is the act of deliberately creating demand for and sales of products and services; prospecting the public through various types of media; and defining target audience. It is a very broad concept that encompasses many things that can be done to promote a product or service. Marketing also includes the promotion of advertising and public relations activities. Marketing aims to create and increase profit; minimize the cost of production or distribution; improve the quality and reliability of a product or service; increase the number of customers for a product or service; attract new customers to a business; and keep current customers happy. Marketing also involves the development of marketing plans, implementation of marketing strategies, monitoring of marketing programs, measurement of results and evaluation of strategies. Marketing is very important to business owners as it decides the fate of the organization.

Marketing is an interesting area of study in the social media marketing department; as it encompasses marketing efforts of businesses to their target audiences and how well those efforts are being received by the target consumers. For example, President Obama’s marketing team is using the Internet to reach out to the youth; as the Internet has now become the largest and most visited website on the entire web. This form of marketing has given the Obama’s team an upper hand in any political debate. Additionally, President Obama has used social media in his efforts to reach out to Hispanic, Jewish, Asian, and African American communities, which he feels can better represent America than any other group of Americans.

The Internet is also being used by politicians to reach out to the masses and get their support, thus influencing the citizens of a country. As we see, marketing has changed dramatically with the changing face of technology. The 72 marketing definitions listed above are just some of the ways that marketing is done throughout the world. Each one of them, no matter how they are defined, marketing still provides an important part of businesses and organizations’ marketing efforts. Therefore, it is wise to keep up with these 72 marketing definitions and use them in your marketing efforts.