The Escocés Night Club, was born in Cali, for over 45 years, located since its inception at the turn of Dann, on the first or Avenida Avenida Colombia, as it is known, and is part of the history of the city. Have passed through many personalities of the Cali and international entertainers, artists, writers, artists, bohemians, including politicians and businessmen. Within its walls you can feel the history of a city that is progressing but that does not lose its charm of old times, so this corner is a must for anyone wishing to hear the stories of the nightlife of the city, talk to your bartender or “Uncle,” the older waiter’s place is to look back on all the urban myths that have been created around the emblematic site, while it can be treated with the company of the most beautiful caleñas women, race has earned the reputation of the women of Colombia’s most beautiful and perhaps sexiest Latinas worldwide. It is enough to “stick a pasadita” to check and be happy with their figures and their beautiful eyes that cause look all night until dawn.